{April 30, 2017} Monthly Update

It's an Eliot April on the farm this year.  What's that?  Come and find out [click here to continue reading]

 {March 16, 2017} Monthly Update

I'm musing (and brooding) about peas, snowfall, and Shamrock Shakes this month. [click here to continue reading]

 {13 January, 2017} 2017 CSA Flyer

I know it's weird, weird, weird, but I really love looking at CSA flyers.  I love seeing how people convey a taste-heavy sensory experience in visual format.  [click here to continue reading]


{4 January, 2017} 2017 CSA Signups Now Open!

Now's your chance to be part of our farm for the 2017 growing season.  [click here to continue reading]

{3 January, 2017} Why We're Not an "Organic" Farm.

The closer you get to the source of your food, the more you realize labels don't matter. [click here to continue reading]

farm to table logo {25 August, 2016} Our First Farm-to-Table Dinner

Forget November.  August is the proper time to throw a feast celebrating the bounty of a growing season [click here to continue reading]

potager front {7 July, 2016} Potager Tour: Summer 2016

Wondered what the potager looks like since last time I showed you around?  Wonder no more!  Come with me on a totally long winded tour of the garden! [click here to continue reading]

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.42.38 PM {27 June, 2016} Feel Like a Farming Rockstar: Plant Garlic

There are certain plants that I’m convinced evolved just to boost our gardening self-esteem.  Plants that are so low maintenance yet enthusiastically robust that merely thinkingabout them will produce a bumper crop. [click here to continue reading]


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.38.29 PM {9 June, 2016} Planning for Canning Season

I had a coach or something who said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".  It didn't make much sense in the context of sports, but in food preservation, it totally does.  [click here to continue reading]


modfarm-front {8 April, 2016} A History of Ghost Fawn Homestead, Pt. I

Welcome to anyone over here from our Modern Farmer IG takeover!  Want to know more about our farm than an IG caption can convey?  [click here to continue reading]

episode 21 small {10 February, 2016} New Podcast: Farming & Planting Folklore

Join us on this episode of the podcast, where we talk folklore with Peter Muise of New England Folklore [click here to continue reading]


episode20 [19 January, 2016} New Podcast: Our CSA = Your CSA

Finally back with a new podcast, where we talk about CSAs in general and ours in particular.  Also, I beg your pardon if I go full on hipster.  [click here to continue reading]

list {29 December, 2015} Listeriosis in Goats

So Ninja the goat had a brush with death, and I learned a new lifeskill.  [click here to continue reading]

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.16.18 PM {7 December, 2015} God and Patience in the Moment

Fifteen days until winter solstice.  Is it possible this is the year I get patience for Christmas? [click here to continue reading]

episode 12 logo {19 October, 2015} Ghost Fawn Podcast: Episode 12

Come join us for the dozenth podcast, where we answer your questions. [click here to continue reading]

1applerecipes {15 October, 2015} How to Put Up 140 Pounds of Apples Without Losing Your Mind

Y'all, it will be a story we talk about for years here- how I let the kids pick 3.5 bushels of apples in the fall of '15.  But at least we put them up before Gabriel could eat them all.  [click here to continue reading]

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.24.58 AM {12 October, 2015} Ghost Fawn Podcast Episode 11

For twenty years, I was a vegetarian.  Now that that's behind me, come and talk turkey with us. [click here to continue reading]

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.23.40 PM {23 September, 2015} Off-Season Pinterest Addiction

I admit it- as soon as the garden is pulled up and composted for the fall, I'm on Pinterest, planning for next year's.  [click here to continue reading]

tarp2 copy{16 September, 2015} Mousers?

So the dogs revealed a gross little talent today.  [click here to continue reading]

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.08.48 AM {11 September, 2015} Episode Six and Some Pumpkin Talk

Episode six is up on the blog, and it's time for pumpkin recipes! [click here to continue reading]

episode4logo {7 September, 2015} Ghost Fawn Podcast- Episode 4

Come and join us this week as we talk chicken breeds- the best, the worst, and the ugliest. [click here to continue reading]

potager5  {4 September, 2015} Potager Garden Update

No matter how hard I try to press the "hurry up" button, the potager garden continues to drag its feet. [click here to continue reading]

farmer nine fingers {3 September, 2015}  Farmer Nine Fingers

It's just not a project unless someone gets injured.  [click here to continue reading]

   The First Podcast!

Come listen to our first podcast, detailing where we are, and how we got here. [click here to continue reading]

new website  Ghost Fawn Homestead's New Website

To coincide with podcast launch, we redesigned out webite. [click here to continue reading]

first attempt  First Attempt at Butchering Chickens

Last year, we butchered our first chicken.  It did not go well.  [click here to continue reading]

goats  Goats!

We welcome Suzie and Ninja to the farm. [click here to continue reading]

image-1 copy   Building the Potager Garden

We start (slowly) building the potager garden.  [click here to continue reading]