The earth speaks to us of Heaven, or why would we want to go there?
-Wendell Berry.

In 1936, a Colonial farmhouse was built on almost ten acres of fertile land beautiful Willington, Connecticut.  Although owned by one family for the next 79 years, it stood vacant for the last two decades.  

In spring of 2015, Ken and Cari Donaldson bought it, with the vision of growing healthy food for the local community.

And so, with that dream and the willingness to work hard,  Ghost Fawn Homestead was born.

Our mission is to provide healthy food, produced in a way that builds, protects, and strengthens both the land and the community. 

Farming is a profession of hope
-Brian Brett.

Our CSA offers 16 weeks of delicious, beyond organic produce, grown in a way that builds up the soil, protects biodiversity, and conserves our natural resources.  Click here to learn how you can become a member.

Want to stay connected to the farm, but live too far away to join the CSA?  Our blog and periodic podcast provide glimpses of life here on the farm.

When we see the land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.
-Aldo Leopold.

Ghost Fawn Homestead's Core Values:

• We believe all people should have access to healthy food
• We believe all people should have access to healthy communities
• We believe healthy communities are best built on the local level
• We believe that teaching how to prepare healthy food is as important as eating it
• We believe livestock should have only One Bad Day, and the rest of their lives should be lived out respectfully
• We believe our farm is a family business, and all members have valuable contributions to make to it
• We believe that the land has been entrusted to us, and should be handed down to the next generation in better condition than we received it
• We believe that food should be naturally grown
• We believe food can be grown in a visually appealing setting, and that beauty is important to a community
• We believe in pursuing renewable energy sources