What Is a CSA, Anyway?

In 1984, a single farm in Massachusetts pioneered a system that allowed people to directly connect with and purchase from their local farmer. This model, known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), spread across the country and is now available at over 4000 family farms from coast to coast. The roots of the American CSA lie in a Japanese system known as teikei, which often translates to “food with a farmer’s face on it”. We here at Ghost Fawn Homestead are so honored to be YOUR farmer, helping you bridge the gap between field and table.

How Does a CSA Work?

Every year, we offer a certain amount of public shares in our farm. This year, a share ranges from $500 to $250, and from mid-June through September, results in 16 weeks of amazingly delicious produce grown for you on our family farm in beautiful Willington, Connecticut. Our agricultural practices are beyond organic, never employ synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and strive to build up soil health. We have taken the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s Farmer’s Pledge, which means healthier food for you and healthier farming techniques for the planet.

Growing Practices

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

One of the first questions we get asked is, "are you an organic farm?" The answer to that is yes...and no.  Read more about our agricultural practices here.

Classic CSA 

The Traditional CSA Format

Love the classic style CSA, with its weekly pre-made shares?  Click here to see examples of past years' weekly offerings and to download the membership agreement.


Market Style CSA 

A Fully Customizable CSA Option

Looking for a more flexible, customizable CSA experience? Click here to check out our new Market Style option.