Classic CSA Share

One of the great things about belonging to a CSA is that it really inspires you to appreciate seasonal eating.  From the green crunch of spring mix early in the season, to the dreamy tomatoes of mid-summer, to the heavy golden pumpkins of early fall, tying a part of your food budget to weekly boxes of fresh produce is an exciting thing.

Part of that excitement comes from the lack of certainty.  While we know that, generally speaking, we can expect tomatoes to start filling our boxes in mid-July, we’re still subject to the whims of nature.  Will it be a banner year for beans or a terrific year for tomatoes? What shortages and surpluses does nature have up her sleeve for us this year?

These pictures are examples of years past, designed to give you a sense of what you can expect in your weekly boxes.

We focus on things we know our CSA members love: spring mix, beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, corn.  We love experimenting with exotic new cultivars (wasabi arugula, anyone?), but we understand that the best way to fully enjoy a CSA share is by offering familiar favorites.

An example of crops we’ve grown in the past:

  • spring mix
  • dinosaur kale
  • scarlet kale
  • pink beauty radish
  • slicing cucumbers
  • pickling cucumbers
  • zucchini
  • broccoli
  • paste tomatoes
  • cherry tomatoes
  • slicing tomatoes
  • sweet corn
  • popping corn
  • eggplants
  • sweet peppers
  • hot peppers
  • winter squash
  • pumpkins
  • garlic
  • green onions

By becoming a member of Ghost Fawn Homestead’s Classic CSA, you’ll get 16 weeks of farm fresh excitement.  Each week, we’ll put together a share just for you, harvested literally within hours of you stopping by and picking it up. Savor that thrill of mystery as you peek inside each week’s bag and reveal the beyond organic treats within- a culinary adventure every week.

Half shares feed a family of 1-2 moderate veggie eaters and are $250.

Full shares feed a family of 2-4 moderate veggie eaters and are $500

All CSA members will be issued a $40 punch card for the Ghost Fawn Farm Stand, to be used at any time during Farm Stand season. This card is given in recognition of the commitment to and acknowledgment of the shared risks the farmers and members take on in a CSA season. Give the card away to a friend, or keep it for yourself, it’s our way of saying thank you for supporting your local farmer!

Ready? Click here to download the 2018 Member Agreement and secure your spot in 2018’s Community Supported Agriculture.