Our First Farm-to-Table Dinner

Before I start this off, I have a question for you:  WHY DID THE PILGRIMS HAVE THANKSGIVING IN NOVEMBER?  In all earnestness- how did this happen?  Because by November, you’ve missed the beans, and the tomatoes (though probably tomatoes hadn’t migrated all the way up to New England from South America yet), and the peppers are long gone, and the eggplants are just ghosts of dreams.

Really, August is the time to have a meal in which to feast and give thanks to the Creator for all the bounty this beautiful earth produces.  

So that’s what we did.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.07.42 AM

My parents came up from Tennessee for a visit, and Ken and I decided it was the perfect reason to try our hand at a private farm-to-table dinner.  Wanna see the menu?


  • roast chicken, stuffed with sage, winter savory, and thyme


  • roasted purple potatoes and carrots


  • twice-baked mashed potatoes
  • red kale, sauteed with shallots and sausage
  • rustic rolls
  • zucchini brownies with rhubarb reduction

Everything was delicious, though there are a few things I’d want to change before we started hosting these for paying guests:

  1. the timing of the dishes was very difficult with one oven.  Back in Simsbury, I had three ovens (I KNOW), and that would have made a big difference in getting everything out at the same time & temperature.  
  2. I’d swap out some ingredients and recipes.  The purple potatoes, for example, would have probably been really good sliced, seasoned, and fried, but when roasted they got a sort of gummy texture.  Not unpalatable, but certainly not the best use for that ingredient.
  3. This isn’t confined to the dinner, but in my growing practices in general this year- I need to label my plants better.  I had hot peppers growing next to sweet peppers, and unfortunately, because the two types were almost identical in looks, I wasn’t sure which was which.  That meant it was a little salad version of Russian Roulette every time you took a bite with a pepper in it.

Actually, Ken and I are kicking around the idea of hosting some “Field to Pizza” events next year, the thinking being that timing out a pizza is much easier than timing out a multi-course meal.  With some tables set up in the field, maybe rent a pizza oven or two, I think we could put on some pretty enjoyable Farm Fresh Pizza Nights for the community.

Now, after writing all this, I’m hungry!