Talking Turkey with Mobumbum Farm

This week’s podcast is an interview with Sarah and Jason Libby, who run Mobumbum Farm in Maine.  Guys, it was so much fun talking with them.  I was a vegetarian for 20 years of my life, which means that for Thanksgiving, I either just ate sides (delicious!) or bought a Tofurky (vomitous!).

Just don’t, y’all.  Trust me on this one.

Now, with that stage of my life behind me, our holiday tables are tofu-free.  But the ubiquitous Butterball turkey that replaced it was never great, you know?  Like, I couldn’t see why people were mad for turkey.  So I started thinking.  If homegrown tomatoes taste so much better than store-bought, commercial tomatoes, wouldn’t it make sense that homegrown turkeys would taste better than the frozen Butterball I picked up at Stop & Shop the week before Thanksgiving?

According to Sarah and Jason, the answer is a resounding YES!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.42.26 AM

Go and listen to the podcast– but be warned!  you will want to raise your own turkeys by the end of the episode.  The Libbys make turkey stewardship sound fun and easy.  And delicious.  And super fun for the kids.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this video of the Libby’s twins delightedly playing with the turkeys.  Adorable.

In fact, this morning Ken and I scoped out a spot in our woods where we could put down a little coop, put some fencing between the trees, and try our hand at raising some turkeys next summer.  Who knows?  Maybe next Thanksgiving I’ll finally put the ghost of Tofurkeys past by serving my people a fresh, Ghost Fawn-raised turkey.

 Ghost Fawn Podcast Episode 11: Talking Turkey with Mobumbum Farm