Off-Season Pinterest Addiction

Episode 8 of the podcast is live; you can hear it here.  This week, we talk with one of the founding members of the rent-a-chicken movement, which is every bit as brilliant as it sounds odd.

Also, with this year’s test garden pretty much done, I’ve got less outside chores, and more time to obsess over next year’s garden on Pinterest.  Come hang out with us over there– and see if you pick up that exact moment when I get another wild scheme pinned and drag poor Ken down another rabbit hole (DIY greenhouses, anyone?).  I admit it- I have a Pinterest Problem.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.23.40 PM
Awww, the test garden, 18 weeks ago, and freshly planted. The pumpkins weren’t even in yet! Now, don’t you think that a greenhouse would be perfect over to the right…?