Potager Garden Update

I'm the "LET'S GET THIS DONE RIGHT THIS GOSHDARN SECOND" type person.  Ken rolls his eyes at me and sighs heavily, and then proceeds to ignore me while he does things the slower, better way.

But this potager garden, man.  It is thwarting all my efforts to speed up construction.  I think it's doing it on purpose.  Like, it's laughing at me as I wake up bright and early every Saturday morning, thinking, "Today is the day we finish the fencing!"  or, "The rest of those raised beds are being built and installed before the sun sets upon this day!"

Yup.  That's how I speak to myself internally.


Anyway, the potager garden hears these optimistic morning plans, and it laughs.

Last time we started working on the fence, Ken sunk a hatchet into his finger.  Then there was the time before, when we were going to fell some more trees for fence posts, and the chainsaw just flat out broke.  Then the boards we got for more raised beds were the wrong thickness, or the drill batteries wouldn't recharge, or the screws went missing, or whatever.


But hope springs eternal here on Ghost Fawn, and I am positive that one of these days we will get the fence done, and we will get the raised beds constructed and filled and planted, and someday, the garden in our dreams (and our Pinterest board) will be manifest down there in our fields.

And hey, we've got a three-day weekend coming up, I'm sure THIS will be the weekend we finish things up.

(what's that I hear in the distance?  It sounds like...laughter)