The goats came home today.  Two dwarf nigerians, a doeling and a wether.  We got them from Dragonfly Farm in Massachusetts.  We have zero experience with goats, so it was important to 1. get a goat that was on the small side, so if they ended up having poisonous talons or breathing fire or something, at least it would be on a smaller scale and 2. we needed a reputable breeder who was willing to hold our hand through the entire process.  Dragonfly Farm is a member of the New England Nigerian Dwarf Association, the American Goat Society, the American Nigerians Dwarf Dairy Association, and the American Dairy Goat Association.  She came highly recommended as a breeder of excellent stock, and she put up with my daily emailing.

The plan is to breed Suzie next year, so we can milk her and learn to make cheese.  Ninja just gets to come along for the ride and keep Suzie company.